VSE Set Premium Sticker Guide


The final version of the VSE Set Premium Stickers is ready to go!

With this sticker sheet included in the VSE Set, you can bring the SG faction insignias and Soundwave’s headband to life! Apply the stickers to different locations or other Transformers to create your own parallel universe!


The stickers use a plastic backdrop just like e-HOBBY emblem stickers do, so they can fit with any color of Transformers.


It isn’t SG Soundwave without his headband! Because the sticker is folded and then connected together, it can be removed and attached over and over. Try it out on other Transformers, too!


With stickers based on the BotCon 2012 SG Soundwave, such as his guitar/rising sun insignia and Cold Slither band logo, you can decorate Soundwave however you like!


Applying SG Ratbat’s chest shields gives him an even more bat-like look!


Details like the restraining bolt applied by Cliffjumper as well as the Dinocon team label tie into the story of the Shattered Glass world.

SGリワインド (前)

SG Rewind’s leg and back stickers homage the G2 Gobots.

SGリワインド (後)



SG Ramhorn’s side sticker accents his gray details, giving him a more mechanical look.


Could this be a Beastformers crossover?! The Sunburst mark shines from Solarbot’s chest.


Who will be the villain of your SG army?!

*The toys pictured are production samples, and may differ slightly from the final versions.


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