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e-HOBBY Exclusive Magnificus & Ga’mede



Shipped in July of 2005, Magnificus and Gamede brought together Transformers and Microman into e-HOBBY’s first crossover exclusive. Due to his status (function) of “outcast,” Magnificus’s atypical profile saw the “rank” spec replaced with “teamwork,” but his might was conveyed by his total power level of 73. What was outwardly a conventional black color scheme was actually a recreation of the colors from the MC-20 Microscope of the Microchange subline, serving as a nod to the shared ancestry of Magnificus and Ga’mede in the Microman series.

Magnificus Robot

Magnificus, former Mebian military consul


Ga’mede, royal of Planet Xeptos

Magnificus Tank

Instead of a microscope, Magnificus’s main vehicle mode is a tank.

Ga'mede on tank

Ga’mede hitches a ride. This is what an 8 in teamwork looks like!

Tech Bay Mode

The tech bay mode excels at analysis.

Magnificus and Ga'mede

The endless battle for revenge continues…

Function: Joint Force (Magnificus & Ga’mede)

Status: Outcast (Magnificus)

Function: Volunteer Soldier (Ga’mede)

Alternate mode: Tank, tech bay

Profile: Once the military consul of the Decepticon-controlled territory Mebion, Magnificus was snared in a cunning ruse by high-ranking Decepticons envious of his position, and forced to become a pit fighter in the distant reaches of the galaxy. His partner, Ga’mede, was a member of the royal family of Planet Xeptos of the subatomic microcosmos, but was rescued into the macrocosmos by Magnificus’s matter-enlarging scope just as he faced execution after an internal feud. Soon forming an unspoken bond of trust fueled by their similar experiences, the two traversed countless battlefields and badlands, amassing sufficient wealth and armaments for the day when they would exact merciless revenge on those who betrayed Magnificus.

Product info:

Release date:

  • 3/2005


  1. Main units (2)
  2. Instructions (1)


  1. 5,040 yen

*This product is no longer in stock.

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